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Fiebre Photobook Festival 2021

Fiebre Photobook Market 2021

We’re delighted to participate again this autumn in the online book market of the terrific Fiebre Photobook Festival! The core festival is taking place live in-person, in Madrid, from 10-12 September at the Canal de Isabel II Hall and the online book market will continue through to the end of the year. Visit the Fiebre Photobook website for full details!

Our publications are also highlighted in the curated selection this year:

You can call me Nana – Selected by Eneka Fernández, Irene de Mendoza and Erika Goyarrola

Devil’s Promenade – Selected by Isabel Garcia Lazaro

A Parallel Road – Selected by Eneka Fernández

The Longest Way Round – Selected by Eneka Fernández and Erika Goyarrola

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Charta Festival in Rome

Charta Festival 2021

Overlapse will be in Rome during the opening weekend of Charta Festival, 17-18 July. It will truly be a delight to take part, in-person, at a community-based event for the first time since November 2019!

The first edition of Charta, a contemporary photography festival focused on photobooks and independent publishing, has the theme of ‘Demons’ – which aims to investigate “the darkest derivations of the human condition, from territorial to social and psychological issues, giving a transversal perspective on contemporary challenges.”

An exhibition of 100 photobooks on the theme will be shown around San Lorenzo, the art district of Rome, and Overlapse will take part in the Book Market held at Matèria Gallery, via dei Latini 27 from 10am-8pm on 17th & 18th July. Please join us if you’re in Rome!

From 6pm on Saturday the 17th July, Overlapse will give a presentation, and talk with Lara Shipley & Antone Dolezal who will discuss their new book Devil’s Promenade connected live by video from the US.

For further details see the Charta Festival Programme

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Star Photobook Dummy Award

Star Photobook Dummy Award

Overlapse publisher Tiffany Jones is honored to be a nominator for the first annual Star Photobook Dummy Award. Organised by Photographic Social Vision Foundation in collaboration with the publishers Phree, Ediciones Posibles and RM, the prize offers the opportunity and support to publish a photobook on the basis of a dummy in its final stage of design and presented concept. The jury will select a winner from dummies put forward by nomination only. See the full list of nominators here.

The winning book dummy photographer(s) will receive a contribution of 10,000€ for publication, as well as three mentorship sessions and international distribution. The prize winner will be announced in October 2021.

The Star Photobook Dummy Award is dedicated to the loving creativity of graphic designer Inés Casals, and will focus on projects permeated by the human values that were important in her life such as: friendship, empathy, intimacy, warmth, love, beauty, poetry, doubt, fear, challenge, tenacity, empowerment, self-determination, resilience, acceptance, self-care, compassion, without forgetting irony and non-conforming.

Read more about the first Star Photobook Dummy Award here, and if you feel you have a suitable dummy for review, please email a low-resolution PDF to Tiffany at

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FiebreFest 2020 BookMarket + Curated selections

FiebreFest 2020

Fiebre Photobook has launched online for its 2020 Edition, and the BookMarket is a beautiful assembly of small publishers! We are very happy to take part with our virtual table, which will be open for business until the end of the year. Please drop by for a visit and see their festival programme.

We are also very proud (elated, really) to have four Overlapse books selected by the curators to highlight on their own virtual tables. Here is a snapshot of books they chose:

GABRIELA CENDOYA, Book collector:
The Saxons of Transylvania by Pascual + Vincent
A Parallel Road by Amani Willett
Devil’s Promenade by Antone Dolezal & Lara Shipley (pre-order)
You can call me Nana by Will Harris (pre-order)
Fiebre Photobook 2020 - Gabriela Cendoya

GONZALO GOLPE, Editor and designer:
A Parallel Road by Amani Willett
Devil’s Promenade by Antone Dolezal & Lara Shipley (pre-order)
Fiebre Photobook 2020 - Gonzalo Golpe

OLGA YATSKEVICH, 10×10 Photobooks cofounder:
A Parallel Road by Amani Willett
Fiebre Photobook 2020 - Olga Yatskevich

Enormous thanks to the organisers of Fiebre PhotobookMiren Pastor, Olmo González and Daniel Mayrit – who work tirelessly to promote small publishers’ work through this lively platform.

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Polycopies 2020 – The Online POLYCOVID Edition

Polycopies 2020

POLYCOPIES in Paris is THE annual photobook fair (on a boat!) to look forward to. Although we can’t meet together on the Seine this weekend, we’re excited to be able to gather for the online ‘POLYCOVID’ edition for 2020. So we’re still rocking the boat, virtually. We invite you to check out the terrific books our publisher colleagues have been producing this year – the online fair officially runs from 11-15 November and there’s some special offers to be found! Visit Polycopies 2020 online.

We are also very pleased that the organisers have selected A Parallel Road by Amani Willett to recommend to visitors. You can view a PDF of the list of recommended photobooks here.

Many thanks for joining us and for your continued support! X

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New book: A Parallel Road from Amani Willett

A Parallel Road by Amani Willett

We’re excited to share that we’ve collaborated once again with American photographer Amani Willett to bring you his newest project, A Parallel Road. A multi-layered work exploring the Black experience of driving in America, it challenges representations of the ideal road trip. This ‘alternative’ history has been sidelined for generations, but living in fear of suffering authoritarian violence while on the road is an everyday reality faced by people of colour. Amani’s new photographs are mixed with family archives, historical images and digital screenshots, combined with the backdrop of the historical Negro Motorist Green Book – a guide that Black people depended upon for survival for 30 years since 1939. It questions how long the road will continue to be a site of oppression for Black people in American society. Small in size but heavy with impact, this compact edition is hand-bound and is delivered in an eye-catching printed wrapper. View the full details here