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Stir the Pot
Various Artists


Stir the Pot is a collaborative photography and mixed-media publication sourced from a community-driven open call. Through a serendipitous unity of differing perspectives on the theme, Stir the Pot assembles visual responses to a broad mix of feelings experienced during a period of unrest and societal turmoils. The project constitutes a celebration of established and emerging artists, working with images and other creative disciplines, and is a culmination of solace-seeking, political fervour, and paths taken towards nourishment and healing.

FIRST EDITION Softcover 17x24cm, 180 pages
Each copy is handmade!
ISBN: 9781738130023



Stir the Pot brings together the works of 99 photographers and artists from across the world, who are at different stages of development and points in their careers. A careful selection process has been undertaken to expose a wide range of perspectives that reflect a current slice of our experiences here on Earth. It’s a conversational gathering; an uncertain union of a group of voices based in 25 countries, connected together by this printed piece. Contributors’ subjects move from the creative process itself, to cooking and family, to social action and collective responsibility – whatever has given them respite during agitating times is covered in these pages.

Selection team: Tiffany Jones, Lisa McCarty, Kyle Worthy
Editorial Assistants: Harry Carter, Sofia Krysiak
Design by Tiffany Jones

The Author

Featuring works from 99 photographers and artists:

Bego Anton, Donna Bassin, Jill Bemis, Eyal Ben Dror, Ruben Bereczki, Alex Blanco, Erkin Bolzhurov, Artur Bolzhurov, Regina Broersma, Martha Brot, Mark Caceres, Jean-Marc Caimi + Valentina Piccinni, Aaron Canipe, Zara Carpenter, Harry Carter, Pierluigi Ciambra, Cam Crosland, Angela Crosti, Jonathan Dayman, Elia de Leon, Vittoria Di Battista, Antone Dolezal + Lara Shipley, Chris Dorley-Brown, Bruce Eesly, Chris Finnegan, Flora Gaal, Niamh Gibbons, Tommasina Giuliasi, Nicolás González, Elisabetta Granata, Alena Grom, Uschi Groos, Guillaume Holzer, Roxanne Huber, Jake Husband, Nigel Jarvis, Uli Jaeger, Caty Joita, Tommy Keith, Maayan Kershenbaum, Lily LaGrange, Cinzia Laliscia, Oleg Leynov, Marta Luniv, Gulnara Lyabib Samoilova, Estelle Magnin, Antonina Mamzenko, Ahmad Mansour, Mar Martín, Pascual Martínez + Vincent Sáez, Martin Miklas, Chris Moxey, Colleen Mullins, Sergey Novikov, David O’Mara, Chiara Pavolucci, Mark Peterman, Nicolas Petit, Linda Plaisted, Freddy Portales Rodríguez, Vann Thomas Powell, Yeney Ramos Camejo, Andre Ramos-Woodard, Camille Reynders, Marco Rigamonti, Rachel Rimell, Jeff Rothstein, Benjamin Rullier, Maria Sarafi, Polina Schneider, Hannah Schneider, Melanie Schoeniger, Mat Scott, Connor Sewell, Mohammad Shahriar Foisal, Kate Shcherbakova, Deanne Sokolin, Alanna Styer, Brian David Stevens, Susanna Suovalkama, Elena Subach, Gareth Sweeney, Ed Sykes, Nivard Thoes, Lisa Toboz, Marcel Top, Nurlana Udovenko, Ingrida Urbonavičienė, Marina Vitaglione, Bree von Bradsky, Eva Voutsaki, Yuxi Wang, Amani Willett, Tom Woodroffe, Virginia Woods-Jack

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Special Notes

April 25th, 2024 from 7PM: STIR THE POT Launches at New York Art Book Fair
Visit Overlapse at the NYABF in Chelsea between April 25-28th for the first copies of this special publication featuring 99 contributors! For full fair details visit the Printed Matter website

May 17th, 2024 from 7PM: STIR THE POT Launch at Peckham 24’s A Bigger Book Fair (ABBF)
We’re excited to participate in Peckham 24 for the first time and will have the London launch for STIR THE POT on Thursday evening. Visit the Peckham 24 ABBF website for details of the fair. Unit 8, Copeland Park, 133 Copeland Road, London SE15 3SN