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FiebreFest 2020 BookMarket + Curated selections

FiebreFest 2020

Fiebre Photobook has launched online for its 2020 Edition, and the BookMarket is a beautiful assembly of small publishers! We are very happy to take part with our virtual table, which will be open for business until the end of the year. Please drop by for a visit and see their festival programme.

We are also very proud (elated, really) to have four Overlapse books selected by the curators to highlight on their own virtual tables. Here is a snapshot of books they chose:

GABRIELA CENDOYA, Book collector:
The Saxons of Transylvania by Pascual + Vincent
A Parallel Road by Amani Willett
Devil’s Promenade by Antone Dolezal & Lara Shipley (pre-order)
You can call me Nana by Will Harris (pre-order)
Fiebre Photobook 2020 - Gabriela Cendoya

GONZALO GOLPE, Editor and designer:
A Parallel Road by Amani Willett
Devil’s Promenade by Antone Dolezal & Lara Shipley (pre-order)
Fiebre Photobook 2020 - Gonzalo Golpe

OLGA YATSKEVICH, 10×10 Photobooks cofounder:
A Parallel Road by Amani Willett
Fiebre Photobook 2020 - Olga Yatskevich

Enormous thanks to the organisers of Fiebre PhotobookMiren Pastor, Olmo González and Daniel Mayrit – who work tirelessly to promote small publishers’ work through this lively platform.

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+81 Magazine: ‘A Life With Books’ issue

HAPPY 2019 ALL!! We’re rather excited to start the year alongside a huge number of great artists, publishers and indie booksellers featured in +81 Magazine’s ‘A Life with Books’ issue (Vol.82, Winter 2018/19, made in Tokyo)! See below for a list of features included.

Massive thanks also to Yukihito Kono at IACK in Kanazawa (also featured) for giving us wonderful support, and for distributing our books in Japan!

+81 mag is available to order online here – £24 / 27€ / $31
(Price estimate converted from YEN, with shipping from Japan included)
All texts in Japanese and English. Get your copy!

From +81: “Vol.82 is all about what makes books great. Kicking things off is a presentation of four book artists whose creations perform both their originally literary functions while also serving as objet d’ art. Following this is big selection of unique artist books from independent publishers and zine makers like those that have become a leading trend in the industry today. We also have a pick of 44 bookstores from around the world that everyone should visit at least once.”

Book Artists’ File: Yasutomo Ota, Scott McCarney, Kevin Steele, Antony Cairns

Independent 12 Publishers: Steidl, split/fountain, Sailor Press, Jiazazhi Press/Library, Small Editions, Carnage NYC, Éditions du LIC, Roma Publications, Trapped in Suburbia, Case Publishing, Overlapse, InOtherWords

Hand-made Books: Nieves, DR.ME, Arkitip

World Individual Bookstores: ROUTE BOOKS, Hachinohe book center, serif s, Kura de Tabisuru bookstore, Keibunsha Ichijyoji-ten, COWBOOKS Nakameguro, BOOK MARÜTE, READAN DEAT, IACK, sioribi, SO BOOKS, Totodo, ONLY FREE PAPER TOKYO, Tadahonya, Nagasaki Jiro shoten, Kamome books, Eslite bookstore Taichung Chungyo store, VVG Something, Pon ding, Post Poetics, Zhongshuge-Hangzhou Bookstore, kubrick, Printed Matter, Inc., Aperture Gallery and Bookstore, Rizzoli Bookstore, Codex, Mast Books, Dashwood Books, The Last Bookstore, Casa Bosques, ARTAZART, Librairie Marian Goodman, Librairie Walther König &, Cahiers d’Arts, Ivorypress, After 8 Books, Good Press, Libreria bookshop, Tenderbooks, Boekie Woekie, Sautter + Lackmann, Fachbuchhandlung, phil, MZIN, Hochparterre Bücher, MOTTO BERLIN